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  • Samuel Workman

    Samuel Workman

    Professor, Data & Statistical Consultant, West Virginian, Author of The Dynamics of Bureaucracy in the U.S. Government https://amzn.to/3ilKSuh

  • Christopher Witko

    Christopher Witko

    Christopher Witko is Professor and Associate Director @PSUPublicPolicy

  • William Resh

    William Resh

    I am an Associate Professor of Management and Governance @USCPrice; I study bureaucracy & the politics of policy implementation.

  • Andreas Sandre

    Andreas Sandre

    Comms + policy. Author of #digitaldiplomacy (2015), Twitter for Diplomats (2013). My views only.

  • Brian Arbour

    Brian Arbour

    I am an Associate Professor of Political Science at John Jay College, CUNY.

  • Bryan Gervais

    Bryan Gervais

  • MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott

    Mom, writer, advocate.

  • Heath Brown

    Heath Brown

    Heath Brown, associate prof of public policy, City University of New York, study presidential transitions, written for The Atlantic, American Prospect, The Hill

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